The biography of contemporary painter TEMO SVIRELY. His art route from Georgia to Ukraine

Born April 22, 1964 (Republic of Georgia)
Graduated from the Zhinvali Art school (Republic of Georgia)

Member of the International Federation of Artist of Russia (from 1993)
Member of the International Federation of Artist of Georgia (from 1998)
Member of BGART (from 2000)

Now artist lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

“The manifestation of t he world has always interested me as a person, and as an artist. I’ve never wanted to offer anything as my personal achievement. That seems to me to be a pointless exercise , as the concept “personally mine” does not even exist, or if it does, only as a display of ego and total self-deception. I prefer to think that in my pictures appears not the personal me, but my interaction with the world, a wide range of aspects of life.
Inconsistency is the universal quality of the universe.. In this prism forms and non-forms, abstract and real , pain and joy, creation and destruction, life and death are not contradictory ideas but equal manifestations of the constantly moving cycle of cause and effect. Consequently I apply this or that artistic form of expression as a means of conveying as well as possible the essence of the world in which I live and breathe.”
“Painting is not conceptual art. When someone looks at one of my paintings and asks me “What did you want to say?” I find myself in a difficult position. That is, I’ve already said what I wanted to say through the medium of painting. With the help of color, rhythm and so on and to demand that I translate the language of art into the language of words is impossible, to say the least. I am an artist, not a writer , my materials are oil-paints, ink, pencils and so on, and not words.
What else can I say? Ideas and concepts are far from being the primary concerns of the artist. Enthusiasm for ideas (not to be confused with artistic plans or intentions !) distracts the artist from the wealth of interrelation with the material, which itself dictates to him the right course and rewards with time and patience. Of course it is worth pondering on how to make a work more expressive, but a real artistic moment occurs when a pause arises in between thoughts. I will take the liberty of reminding you that art, a picture, can be understood by a man and influence him deeply, effortlessly transcending the need for explanations with mere words.
If we talk of a game, then the game is devoid of any such concepts. More precisely, if a concept is present then a game is impossible, as it is an attempt to realize a previously thought-out plan, and by enthusiasm, and by the deepening in the process of action precisely when the action takes place. Thoughts are absent at the time of a game. We are inside this process, directly touching the essence of what has captured us. The player feels only the manner of play and movement from one moment to another. For me, as an artist, this experience is the main value, at one and the same time journey and destination.”