Porcelaine de Limoges

oil, canvas, 100×135 cm, 2011



In 2005 Temo went to France to attend Sutrayana Seminar in order to practice buddhist philosophy and meditation. Seminar was happening in Dechen Chöling Meditation Retreat Center, located in the countryside not far away from Limoges. It was a wonderful place with beautiful old trees, ponds, fields, and forests. Temo, as well as other students, was spending most of his time studying buddhist sutras and meditating. On Sundays, however, students usually had a day off to explore the surrounding neighbourhoods. Once Temo wandered into one of the neighbouring villages. There was a farmers market, lots of local food, beautiful roses in giant buckets, and, of course, a flea market. That’s where Temo encountered this doll. Pierrot — a little beaten down by life, broken and glued back together many times, but of noble descent — real Limoges porcelain! The doll has cost two euros, and was purchased immediately. Right after that, Temo saw Columbine. This doll was a bit more expensive, also made out of Limoges porcelain. Temo immediately united the dolls and proclaimed them a couple. Temo was very happy that he was able to do such a good act. These dolls sat on the window sill for many years, looking on Podil and Andriivska church out of the window of Temo’s studio. Everyone who has been to Temos’ studio, remembers the dolls. Temo has painted this mysterious couple countless times.