General. Temo Svirely, georgian-ukrainian artist (born 1965 in Georgia - died 2014 in Ukraine), gouache on paper, collage, 1993

2008 Sigh of Mars. Artribut gallery. Solo exhibition. Kiev, Ukraine

The name of the new exhibition – “Sigh of Mars” – one of the most prolific Kiev artists, Temo Svireli, came up with his six-year-old daughter with the artistic name Dali. You can, of course, joke that such a title for the exhibition was chosen, as one comedic character used to say, “to make it more incomprehensible”, but it has long been known that the truth sometimes speaks through the lips of babies. Temo Svireli is loved by the public and welcomed by collectors, mainly for numerous genre paintings, in which, like in a toy booth, infantile, sentimental characters live – adults who have not matured and children who fundamentally do not want to leave their childhood. However, sometimes such melancholy reigns in this colorful puppet kingdom that one involuntarily thinks whether its inhabitants are going to escape somewhere, even to Mars. In the meantime, the artist, it seems, simply invites his heroes to dive and disappear into the color elements. A subtle colorist, in addition to several traditional works, he demonstrates a series of triptychs, where he carelessly improvises with color, trying, as he himself admits, to make it sound. Spectators are also advised to listen and guess the melodies of sunlight and moonlight. And, of course, the auras of Mars

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