An orchard of 108 Trees. A tribute to Georgian and Ukrainian artist Temo Svirely (1964-2014). Ukrainian Fashion Week-2017. Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine. 2016

The project was inspired by a cycle of abstract paintings by Temo Svirely in which the artist, as he stated himself, was trying to reflect the energy of the blossoming garden, the beginning of spring and his wish to see the gardens of Georgia again.

Garden 1. Temo Svirely, georgian-ukrainian artist (born 1965 in Georgia - died 2014 in Ukraine), oil, canvas, 2001

Original paintings of this cycle were exhibited.

Artistic ideas of Temo Svirely that he introduced in his paintings were interpreted and developed in fashion design by Fedir Vozianov and in ceramic sculpture by Giya Miminoshvili.

“A garden of 108 trees” installation
There will be a 200 square meter imaginary garden of 108 trees in blossom: 108 ceramic trees by Giya Miminoshvili with Vozianov Roundskirts crowning them, having prints of abstract paintings of Temo Svirely on them.
Then there will be a performance by Fedir Vozianov, where the collection of skirts will be presented in the form of mini-theatrical performance. Finally, the “trees” will be transformed into the lamps. During performance there will be some music by Giya Kancheli and traditional Georgian singing.

Vozianov Roundskirts:
The idea of microcosm and macrocosm is realized in design due to correlation of scale of Temo Svirely print on a seamless round skirt.
The language of pictorial texture is “translated” into the language of design, preserving the purity of the main concept – the circle is divided into equal parts, where on one part the texture of painting is scaled 1:1; and on the other it is maximally enlarged.
After ”going beyond the limits” the artistic ideas and energy of the artist are dissolved into space, filling it with new content both at the level of macrocosm and at the level of microcosm of the daily life by “turning” the skirt into a lampshade and a piece of clothes for a girl.

Tree sculpture by Giya Miminoshvili
A ceramic sculpture, multifunctional design object, consisting of three parts (cube, dome, joining vertical line) each part can be a separate interior design element. The sculpture can serve as a lamp with and without a lampshade. The collection consists of 108 sculptures each having its number and brand and it will not be replicated.
A unique engineering solution for this lampshade has been elaborated by lighting designer Sergey Garbuz.

Three main ideas of the project that will be developed at several different levels:

“Going beyond»: contemplation on the topic of death and trace that the artist leaves behind. “Going beyond” painting: a number of abstract works by Temo Svirely is interpreted in clothes, performance, sculpture and light.

“Microcosm and Macrocosm”: contemplation on topic of Man and Universe. Paintings “transfer” from high art to our daily life in the form of a piece of clothes that is in the author’s of the project view stresses the value of daily life that is filled with energy of art.

“Communication”: inspiration, friendship, dialogue, tradition. Horizontal communication (within creative ensemble) and vertical communication (inspiration, influence, connection with traditions and painters who came beyond our dimension)

“A Garden of 108 Trees” project team: Iryna Vorobyova (project author and curator) Fedir Vozianov (fashion design, installation, performance) Giya Miminoshvili (sculpture, ceramics) David Samsonidze (graphic design) Sergey Garbuz (lighting designer)
Kateryna Kuzmenko (choreography) “Chorea Cossatska” group

Photos for a video installation were taken by Alexander Glyadyelov.

See performance

When: performance took place at 7:45 p.m., 12 October 2016
Where: «Mystetskyi Arsenal», 10-12, Lavrska street, right wing







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