The garden is 108 trees. In memory of the Georgian and Ukrainian artist Temo Svireli (1964-2014). Ukrainian Fashion Week-2017. Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine, October 12, 2016.

This project was inspired by a cycle of abstract paintings by Temo Svirely in which the artist, in his own words, sought to convey the vitality of a blooming orchard, the onset of spring, and his longing for orchards of Georgia.

Сад 1. Темо Свірелі, грузинський та український художник (народився в 1965 році в Грузії - помер в 2014 році в Україні), олія, полотно, 2001

Без назви. Темо Свірелі, грузинський та український художник (народився в 1965 році в Грузії - помер в 2014 році в Україні), олія, полотно, 2001

Квітучі яблуні 3. Темо Свірелі, грузинський та український художник (народився в 1965 році в Грузії - помер в 2014 році в Україні), олія, полотно, 2012The original paintings of this cycle were presented in the exposition.

Artistic ideas is introduced by Temo Svirely in his paintings were interpreted and developed by Fedir Vozianov and Giya Miminoshvili in fashion design and ceramic sculpture, respectively.

“An orchard of 108 trees” installation

A symbolic orchard in bloom was displayed in a space of 200 square meters. The orchard was represented by 108 ceramic trees sculptured by Giya Miminoshvili. Each tree was crowned by a round skirt with a print of Temo Svirely’s abstract painting, designed by Fedir Vozianov.

In this space, the skirt collection was exhibited in a set of theatrical arrangements by Fedir Vozianov. The performance featured traditional Georgian singing, and improvised dance accompanied by the music of Gia Kancheli. In the end, the “trees” were transformed into lanterns.

See perfomance here

Vozianov’s Round skirts:

The ideas of microcosm and macrocosm were realized in the design of seamless round skirts featuring motives of Temo Svirely’s paintings transformed by two contrasting scales. The language of pictorial texture was “translated” into the language of design, preserving the purity of the main concept: the circle was divided into two equal parts, one of which exhibited the painting in the original scale and the other exhibited that maximally amplified.


After ‘going beyond,’ the artistic ideas and energy of the artist dissolve into space, saturating it with new meaning, both at the level of the macrocosm and at the level of the microcosm, everyday life – ‘transforming’ painting into a lampshade or into a skirt worn by a girl.


Sculpture of Giyia Miminoshvili “Tree”.

Ceramic sculpture, multifunctional design object, consisting of 3 parts (cube, dome, connecting vertical), each of which can be an independent element of interior design.

The sculpture can serve as a lamp – with a shade and without.

The collection consists of 108 sculptures, each of which has its serial number and a sign, and will not be replicated.

The unique technical solution for this luminaire was designed by the engineer-designer for light Sergey Garbuz.

Three main project ideas that were scattered at several levels:

Going beyond the limits: Contemplation on the subject of death and the trail that the artist leaves behind. As well as “going beyond” painting: the pictorial cycle of Temo Svirely is interpreted in the design of clothes, in performances, in sculpture and light.

“Microcosm and Macrocosm”: a meditation on a theme of Man and the Universe. Painting descends from the realm of high art to everyday life becoming an item of clothing. From the author’s perspective, this emphasizes the fortune of daily life, filled with art energy.

“Communication”: inspiration, friendship, dialogue, memory, tradition. Horizontal communication is within the creative ensemble. Vertical communication is the inspiration and influence by or connection with traditions and artists who have escaped our dimensions.

“An orchard of 108 Trees” project team:  

Iryna Vorobiova (project author and director),

Fedir Vozianov (fashion design, installation, performance),

Giya Miminoshvili (sculpture, ceramics),

David Samsonidze (graphic design),

Sergey Garbuz (lighting designer),

“Chorea Kozatska” group,

Kateryna Kuzmenko (choreography and dance),

Photos for a video installation were taken by Alexander Glyadyelov.

Photos by  Konstantin Mochnach, Ihor Palamarchuk, Vika Yasinska.

Performance happened at 7:45 p.m., 12 October 2016 in «Mystetskyi Arsenal», 10-12, Lavrska street, right wing.

Press reviews:

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Iryna Vorobiova


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